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About Stryde App Marketplace

What would you say if we told you that Stryde could learn your taste in clothing, refine it, define it, and help you build a head-turning wardrobe?

  • Stylist A.I. Much like your favorite music streaming service, Smart Match algorithm learns what you like. There is no shortage of looks dedicated to the best-dressed you.
  • Stryde Suggests, You Decide The individual aspects of your lifestyle are the ingredients that Stryde Labs use to build the wardrobe suited to the way you want to live.
  • Smart Match Tech The more you browse, the more Stryde learns about what you like and suggests entire styled outfits.

Intelligent Marketplace The First Smart Marketplace for App

Stryde will recomAppd entire solutions for any look that you are trying to achieve. It focuses on the items you need that will work with the clothes you already have.


The First Mix and Match App for App

  1. Persona Stryde will create different looks for different lifestyles
  2. Dress Code Stryde will provide clothing based on your goals
  3. Stylist A.I Like a stylist, Stryde will learn and recomAppd entire outfits based on specific events
  4. Occassion Dress for the occassions with Stryde smart events
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Testimonials Customer Review

  • PlaceholderDan S. Stryde User I've never used such an intuitive app. It provided a full outfit based on the dress code that I was looking for. Simply Amazing.
  • PlaceholderJenna R. Stryde User I was looking for something that could look good for my boyfriend, avoid too much research on the web and within my budget. Stryde did all of that.
  • PlaceholderBrian C. Stryde User I am not the best dressed person, I usually shop off of manicans. This is the app we have been waiting for.

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An Entire Outfit in a Single Tap

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